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How to update a front door

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November 27, 2016

Although it took a few months to get this project finalized, our new door is finally completed and I wanted to share the results with you here along with an overview of the process and why we decided to undertake it in the first place.

Why update your front door?

Improving curb appeal is one of the best investments you can make to increase the value of your home, according to my research (and HGTV). The place we bought had great bones, but very limited curb appeal. In fact, 'housing project' was mentioned when my husband and I were first considering buying it! The old door was tired-looking, and opened outwards, meaning that it knocked into the exterior iron gate and has likely created awkward moments for all guests who have visited this place since it was built.

Decided to add a custom door in a bright color to liven up the basic brick facade was an easy decision for us because it would solve a problem in addition to adding value to the house.

How to update a front door

We decided to go with a Home Depot custom door that would attach to the existing door frame (and use the existing door knob, deadbolt, keys, etc.) It was the most economical option and using the existing door frame meant we could install it ourselves.

Home Depot gave us a guide to measuring our existing door, and we took the basic dimensions (height, width) along with height of the hinges, door knob and deadbolt.

It arrived a few weeks later, and all we needed to do was drill the holes for the hinges and paint (it came primed, which made that step even faster)!

(If I am being honest, the hinges holes were a little more difficult than anticipated, and we had to repeat the step after installing it and realizing that we'd placed the hinge holes a little off-center which meant our door wasn't shutting completely flush. It was a few millimeters off, not something that anyone would notice. However, I know that it would irritate me for perpetuity if we didn't correct it right then and there.)

We painted it in Behr Tsunami, a deep teal that perfectly balanced the red brick and also provides a bold pop that makes the place look a little more hip.

If you're evaluating options for improving your own home's curb appeal, consider this a push for a new front door. I'm excited for how it will look once we update the exterior light and landscaping. Please let me know in the comments if you have other curb appeal improvement ideas that I should be thinking about!

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