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5 reasons you should own a mannequin

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October 13, 2015

Years ago, I bought this mannequin on Amazon and it's been a fixture in every one of my apartments since then. It's my dress size, and usually wearing a kimono, a pile of necklaces or something purchased on a whim from Anthropologie that I haven't quite figured out how to wear but love to look at in the meantime. Although I originally bought it to help with my budding eBay store, I keep it around (and always dressed) for different reasons now.

#1 It's a really great storage alternative 

For necklaces, hats, ribbons, cross-body bags, etc. The more you pile on, the better she looks. Every time I look at my mannequin, I think of Rachel Zoe explaining why more is more.

#2 It turns your beloved, but rarely used clothing into a work of art

My blue and cream kimono is one of my favorite things in my closet, but I struggle with how to wear it (other than a jacket over a tank and skinny jeans). So, it's my mannequin's perpetual outfit and it reminds me of how happy I am that I bought it.

#3 It breaks the ice

Really, I can't tell you how many dinner parties I've had that included passing comments on this old dress form. Former strangers bonding over a creepy mannequin become fast friends.

#4 It turns an unused space into a focal point in your room

We weren't allowed to paint our last apartment, which was particularly depressing because of every room was beige. My creative spirit was slowly dying, but thankfully I had my mannequin to dress up the space a little (literally and figuratively).

#5 It's a good motivator to stay in shape

There have been times where I've been lazing around on my couch, polishing off a Costco-sized bag of SkinnyPop, and caught sight of my mannequin looking trim and fit in my favorite clothes. It's enough for me to put aside my Malbec and sign up for a morning yoga class.

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