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One simple way to have the most organized year ever

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September 30, 2015
Outside of work, organization is not one of my strong skills (am I alone in this, or do other people find it shockingly difficult to be an adult?!) - I'm always looking for ideas to help me keep track of all the little to-do's that pile up at home (getting oil changes, reordering contacts, giving the dog her flea medicine) and also balancing my travel schedule with my husband's so we can give the dog walker and the cleaning lady advance notice (not to mention knowing when we'll be home to receive our freaky-fast Amazon Prime deliveries).

After writing this post about an amazing Lucite wall calendar, a reader from Germany named Petra sent me an email about a company in Stuttgart that makes amazing yearly planning calendars where you can see all 12 months on the wall. It comes with hundreds of colorful dot stickers that you can write on to label days with events. 

It's beautiful, and also gives a great visual for the year! Blocking out holidays, vacations and time off from work in one color will give you something to look forward to all year. Color-coding travel schedules for work will make life easier for the dog walker and our Amazon Prime ordering. Adding dots for weddings, dinner parties, and other events will keep me from accidentally double-booking. How is that for genius German engineering!
I'll be ordering one of these calendars for 2016, which gives me just enough time to find the wall space for it! If you're interested in more details or ordering one for yourself, you can check out Dotty Edition's Dot On Calendar here.

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