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How to decorate a brick wall

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September 09, 2015

When we first moved into our new apartment, I loved the exposed brick walls in our living room but quickly realized that it was going to take some extra effort to decorate them. Although the original brick is amazing, it needed something to lighten up the space. There's nothing quite like a huge frame with white matting and a serene vintage photograph to do that! This print is 24"x 24" vintage photograph from the 1940's called Weeki Wachi Springs that I purchased from art.com and framed myself by replacing the original print in a frame my dad's office was discarding.

After framing it, I needed to figure out how to hang it on the brick wall so I went to my favorite store (Home Depot) with a helpless look on my face until someone came along to give me the directions I so desperately needed. Fortunately, I already owned a power drill so the only extra investment was to purchase a mortar bit (works exactly like your other power drill bits) and mortar screws (called concrete anchors). Then, it's a simple as hanging a picture on drywall: find the right height, mark it with chalk, drill into it with your mortar bit to make a hole for the screw, and then drill in the concrete anchor leaving a few millimeters for the picture wire to grasp. Note that you need to drill into the mortar, not the brick itself, and it helps to drill on a down angle to further secure whatever it is you are hanging.

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