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The most beautiful wall calendar you've ever seen

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June 05, 2015

This might just be the case for me and Wes, but we have an extremely hard time coordinating our schedules. There have been times when I'm about to board a Monday morning flight to Philadelphia with Wes already in the air to the opposite side of the country when I've had the following thoughts: "Did we remember to pay the dog walker? Was I supposed to mail the rent check, or did Wes already do that? Does our parking permit expire this week? What day did I ask the cleaner to come?"

It recently came to a head when we unintentionally collected a pile of parking tickets on our trusty-yet-rarely-used Honda Civic left to the elements on a side street in Lakeview. It was an embarrassing moment for us both, a classic failure at being an adult right up there with killing houseplants and overdrawing your checking account. We gave ourselves credit for keeping our dog alive all these 14 months, paid the tickets, and ordered an enormous wall calendar on Amazon to track all of our commitments, due dates, etc.

The good news: the calendar worked! The bad news: it's a heinous office product that doesn't look right prominently displayed in our apartment. There had to be a better way (and if you're thinking Google Calendar, you haven't been privy to my personal email response timing...)

Fortunately, I found inspiration when I discovered this amazing Lucite wall calendar by DareToBeDomestic on Etsy. It's $1,100 which is a mere $1,090 more than our paper At-A-Glance but somehow I thought it would be a hard purchase to justify (despite the savings in parking tickets and late fees it would facilitate). While I'm working to convince Wes to make the transition, I'm researching how to use the inspiration to DIY one of my own... (To be continued.)

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