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How to style an antique bedroom set

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June 02, 2015

This bedroom set was a gift from my mother-in-law (and by gift, I mean that I may have coerced her into parting with it by explaining how it would get much more face time in my house than hers... and the rest is history). She bought it for $25 in the 1970s and I'm so glad she hung on to it for all of these years. It's simple, but beautiful and fits our house perfectly. 

We put it in the sunny front bedroom of the house and decided to resist the urge to buy new things and instead dressed it up with our old favorites: a big horse blanket from Wes's grandma on top of a (very) distressed cream coverlet, a Southwestern rug that I picked up at Eastern market, curtains and rods that I've carried around with me since my first place in Georgetown, and pairs of metal plant stands that work great next to a little wooden bed.

The result is a room that makes me feel at home. I love coming in here to read or talk on the phone, surrounded by a collection of things that have been through it all, survived U-Haul trips across the country and never made it to the Goodwill bag.

This is the room where Wes keeps his stuff, and the simple styling makes it possible for an Ikea clothes rack and a framed photo of the first president of the USA work. Note that these were not my first-choice accessories, but I'm learning to compromise...

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