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How to recover dining room chairs

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June 05, 2015

There's something about moving into a new place that makes you look at all your old things in a new way. I spent a good part of this weekend hanging, unhanging, and re-hanging pictures and art and rearranging furniture. I have aaaaaalmost got it right except for two chairs that just did't quite fit in anymore. They were a Goodwill find that I reupholstered (covered in this post) and were just sitting in a corner taking up space.

So, I decided to give them a makeover and finally listened to my friend Lynn who insisted they would look better painted. My inner couch potato was hesistant to even go down the painting road because it's such a pain to clean up, but jumped in anyway to discover that I bought the best spray paint ever made, period. It didn't drip, it looked amazing with just one coat, and dried completely in 20 minutes! This took about an hour to do for both chairs and I love how the results are brightening up the room.

1. Remove the seats from the chairs with a screwdriver, I use a Ryobi electric (available at Home Depot) because it is so fast and easy to use.
2. Spray paint the chair frames with DesignMaster Colortool spray.

3. While the chair frames are drying, line up the seats on your fabric of choice - canvas works best because it doesn't have much stretch (I learned this from experience...) and draw out the cut line, leaving an inch or so gap to ensure the fabric overlaps onto the seat bottom.

4. Using a staple gun, make a staple at the top, bottom, and each side to hold the fabric where you want it. Then, work your way around from the top and staple every inch or so. Be sure to fold the corners and curves of the seat.

5. Reattach the seats to the chair frames and you are all done!

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