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A seriously amazing backyard

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June 02, 2015

With my new place, I also inherited a small backyard in need of a makeover. It has a few great features - specifically, a firepit and an old stone slab patio. However, up until a few days ago, I had no interest in stepping foot out there - I am allergic to yard work thanks to my dad's habit of waking up the family at 7 AM on Saturdays to weed, rake, hide behind the shed to make dandelion necklaces, etc. Then I found the pictures of this yard and have been dying to get started on my own backyard.

This yard is perfect for a dinner party - I love the fearless use of indoor items outside, the covered seating and enormous dining table. Wes has an old butcher block and a great wrought iron table that I plan to repurpose for our own back-to-nature dining room. I've been Googling DIY patio ideas, hunting for backyard furniture, and researching plants that thrive in North Carolina with minimal effort required on the part of the owner (turns out, all plants require effort). I am also trying to forget that I don't have any friends to invite over even if I did have the most amazing yard in the world. One step at a time.

Images via Apartment Therapy

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